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Apr. 3rd, 2010

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04:46 pm - Tentacles getting to be a bit rubbery

I've allowed myself to get depressingly unfit; I cycled 16½ miles yesterday - about half way to Hornsea and back - and while I wasn't about to collapse in a panting, muscle twitching mess on return, I could definitely feel it. This was on the flat, too (not a lot of choice hereabouts), and checking up past routes on Bikely, I find that this was roughly the same distance as from Long Ashton to Fishponds and back, which I wouldn't even have noticed last autumn. Oh well, there's a simple fix; I just need to get off my arse more often.

We walked to Ennerdale Leisure Centre today, to do the gym induction a carelessly mislaid coach at Beverley Road meant we couldn't do there. Induction, they called it, though £12 a head for somebody to tell me which buttons to press on a cross-trainer seems a little steep. We agreed that "registration fee" would be a more honest description, but whatever: hopefully the occasional gym session along with getting out on the road (or railway path) more often will kick my meat back in gear, as it were.

We'll see how my fault develops.

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