Pete Jordan (perlmonger) wrote,
Pete Jordan

On Uzbekistan and the Arsenal

I’ve been remiss in not posting on the Alisher Usmanov inspired blog takedown by Fasthosts, triggered by threats from Usmanov’s solicitors, Schillings.

Amongst the blogs affected:
Craig Murray
Tim Ireland (back soon)
Clive Summerfield
Bob Piper (back now)
Boris Johnson (back now)

The continuing saga is documented at Chicken Yoghurt.

Tim Ireland has a special blog set up (outside the UK!) for what’s happened and its consequences; Chris Applegate writes about a personal dilemma, as a Wikipedia admin monitoring Usmanov’s entry; Ministry of Truth has an interesting piece on uk libel law.

[ ETA a link to the timeline of events ]
Tags: alisher usmanov, blog, censorship, craig murray, freedom of speech, law, libel, politics, schillings

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