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Further idiocy

Further to my last post, we’ve had corroboration of Russ’ claims that he, his wife and the server that hosts his blogs are being attacked: abusive emails, subscriptions to dodgy mailing lists and DDoS server attacks.

There is no justification for this, not against anyone or against anybody’s server; it’s ignorant, stupid, abusive behaviour that can never achieve any positive end whatsoever. We’ve dealt with DDoS attacks against customer sites on our servers in the past and all they do is raise our blood pressure and, at their worst, adversely affect visitors to all sites hosted on the same box, and anybody who has anything to do with botnets is no friend of mine or of any of the principles I hold and try to live by.

If anybody reading this has, or is planning to, perpetrate anything from an unprompted abusive email to a server attack on Russ Michaels, his wife, or anybody else on this planet, whether in the delusional belief that they’re supporting me in doing so or just because they’re ignorant fuckwits, can they please not do so, by removing themselves from the genepool or whatever other means they find expedient.

Thank you.
Tags: abuse, ddos, idiocy, server attacks

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